Thank you so much for everything you have done for Jacob and Heidi!

We have felt so lucky to have found young we are so grateful for all the LOVE , CARE, WARMTH, INSPIRATION, ENERGY, NURTURING and LEARNING that you have given them.

Headingley Preschool is a truly special place, and we are so sad to be saying goodbye. Jacob, Heidi, Abi and Will

Preschool family

Rose (4 years) has blossomed at Headingley Preschool. She used to dislike going to her previous nursery but as soon as she started preschool we saw a real change come over her. She would skip to preschoo,l excited about the day ahead.

The care and kindness of the staff, the range of stimulating and creative activities and the sense of fun and joy that pervades the preschool is inspiring.

Rose has thrived through the experience and the time she has had here. It will be the foundation for the rest of her life.

Thank you to the wonderful staff at Headingley Preschool for creating such a special, invigorating  and welcoming space. Emily Zobel

Senior Lecturer, Leeds Beckett University

The teachers are always so kind and compassionate to the children and always keep things organised and know the children well. there is always LOTS TO DO!


As a Children’s Centre Manager it is vital that there are robust links to children transitioning from one setting into another. Working within a designated Service Level Agreement, it is in the interests of a child’s social and emotional development if the transitional period is one that is both familiar and capacious. Elizabeth Kengyelics

Children’s Centre manager, Headingley Children’s Centre

This is the most caring, creative, safe environment, the children are truly nurtured and celebrated as individuals – they are given clear, safe, structured boundaries but within this the freedom to explore, make, share and get messy! P Harrison


Very Caring and very supportive. B Watson


Lovely, friendly staff support the children’s needs well. very inclusive setting. Great use of resourses . the children are respected- they have a lovely time and happy playing with the children and staff. Nancy Baiver

local registered childminder

Best preschool EVER . My daughter has settled right in and all the staff are brilliant and friendly.


Since coming to preschool Dotty has really blossomed and really enjoys her days here.

The teachers are all friendly, caring and create a positive learning environment. Dotty tells me all the children are friends and in her words her preschool is “Great!”


Headingley Preschool is the most wonderful and welcoming preschool, I’m so glad my children have been able to be part of it and spent their time away from home in this second home for them. Daniella Armendiaris


Fantastic Preschool, Seb loves all his teachers always keen to arrive Helen


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