Dear Parents and Carers,
Headingley Preschool would like to share an exciting new development with you. Up to now, we have been unable to inform you as our legal team are still carrying out due diligence checks, but obviously news travels fast and we want to reassure you that we are neither closing nor moving!

As those of you who have asked for extra sessions will know, we have been over-subscribed for some time, and have had to turn families away. We have explored various options to increase our capacity and welcome more children into the preschool family.
We now have the opportunity to take over another local early years setting but in order to ensure that it is a viable option, which will not harm Headingley Preschool’s excellent reputation; we are currently taking legal advice and carrying out due diligence checks. All being well, we will be able to confirm before the end of term.

This opportunity will also allow us to offer more flexibility with opening times, offering an 8am start time for parents who require an earlier start. If there is demand, we may be able to have a later finish (hence the questionnaire attached to the newsletter…make sure you’ve got yours). The hours and staff at Headingley Preschool will remain the same.

Fees are currently under review, and there will be a small increase in September but both sites will charge the same hourly rate. Our managers and trustees will also remain as they are now. We’ll just be busier managing 2 sites!

The new site is the former St Agnes nursery on Burton Crescent.  It is a fabulous setting, in the heart of Far Headingley, in easy walking distance of Headingley Preschool at Shire Oak. We have met the staff team of 5 on several occasions and are confident that they will fit in with our ethos and existing preschool team. Initially we plan to operate with minimal disruption to all children and families, and will work on integrating the two teams in the future.

The St Agnes website has been taken down but we will put pictures on our Twitter feed soon. We plan to host a few drop in visits there in the last 2 weeks of term should you wish to look around and meet the team. If you think that the St Agnes site and opening times are for you, please let Ellen know in writing.
We are keeping everything crossed as we really believe this is a positive move and an opportunity not to be missed.


Ellen, Clare and the preschool team.

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