As a charity we have an Annual General meeting to which we invite all parents and carers to have their say.This year it is on Wednesday 13th February at drop off time.

Please come along and have your say about –

  • What equipment or experiences we should buy for the children-
  • What we should be doing to improve the preschool in the future

We have a board who make decisions and support the staff. In the past this was made up entirely of parents but recently we have been joined by the Head of Shire Oak School Jane Astrid Devane. We now have five new people who want to be elected community Trustees. They are not parents but are able to help with managing our finances and supporting the staff. They  hope to be elected on with your help so please come and support them.

If you are interested in getting more involved we would also welcome parent/carer trustees to join our team and  keep us in touch with what its like to use the preschool. As of July none of the current Trustees will have children using the service and we think its important that the preschool is steered by the experiences of being a parent. We also need fundraising ideas to ensure we can afford for our children to have the best preschool experiences possible so if you are interested in that please let us know. If you want to know more before the meeting please call Louise 07973968222 or talk to Michele, Clare or Ellen

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