Dear parents and carers!


A great big welcome to all our new starters and huge welcome back to all our returning children! I hope everyone enjoyed the summer and that you are all feeling relaxed, well rested and ready for preschool action!


We have lots of exciting activities planned for the children this half term. Initially we will be concentrating on settling the children into the preschool setting.


  • Introducing them to the routines of preschool (for example tidy up time, snack time, lunch time and carpet time)
  • Building relationships with their key people and other adults who work with them.
  • Encouraging independent learning in the different areas ( for example maths area, technology workshop, home corner etc etc)
  • Helping the children form friendships and relationships.

Following this introductory period we will be exploring Autumn

  • enjoying apple week,
  • cooking tasty treats,
  • gardening
  • learning autumn songs and rhymes
  • printing
  • creating an autumn discovery table

Could you help?

Do you have any spare spring bulbs we can plant at preschool?

Do you have any garden pots you no longer need?

Could you bring in a conker? Autumn Book? Home grown Apple? Or anything else Autumn related…..???

Parents planning

At preschool we understand that parents are the children’s first and most important educators. We also firmly believe that in order to provide the best care and education for your child we need to work together closely. So please help us tailor your child’s learning by adding to our parents planning book.

The book is located on top of the cabinet which holds the children’s trays, beside the coat rack, all you need to do is write down your child’s name and what you would like us to work on or support  them with. This could be anything from writing their name , peddling on the bikes ,sharing with others or saying please and thank you.

We also strongly encourage other carers to add to this book, for example childminders and grandparents etc

Wow moments

Like you we love to celebrate the children’s achievements! So, If you know your child has achieved something significant please share this with us by filling in a wow slip. We will add these to your child’s profile /learning journey. (Again located on the cabinet by the coat rack).

Examples of wow moments could be:-

  • sleeping in their own bed all night
  • putting their coat on by themselves
  • recognising numbers
  • using the toilet
  • writing their name

Key people and profiles

Ellen has ensured all children have a key person and we will have a list of these for you on the notice board very soon. An information letter informing you who your child’s key person is and what they do is currently in your child’s tray.

Your child’s key person will shortly be giving you an ‘all about me’ form. This form provides us with more information about your child, their fears and dislikes, favourite foods and who’s in their family etc. This is the starting point for the EYFS profiles/ learning journeys which we also keep In Your child’s personal tray. feel free to add to this book, perhaps bringing in a holiday photo or postcard or a lovely picture made at home. Your child’s key person and myself (Clare) will add to these profiles over the course of the year.


Every child has a blue tray. Its important to check your child’s tray everyday as they contain

  • their name cards
  • profile books
  • letters home
  • fabulous works of art!
  • Party invites from friends!

Progress report

You will receive your child’s progress report before the October half term holiday. In the meantime don’t hesitate to contact me by phone text, email or in person!!



01132 30 40 35

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