Dear parents and carers

Planning April – May 2016

We have lots of exciting things planned for the next half term.

Traditional tales 

We will be exploring story telling and fairy tales over the next six weeks. So why not join in the fun at home and read some traditional tales?! Or perhaps you would like to come in and tell the children a story? Let us know and we can fit you in at 11.45am just before lunch or home time for morning children. Children love to her men reading stories hint hint…..

We will be :-

  • Reading in small and large groups
  • Role playing and dressing up
  • Costume making
  • Puppet making and being puppeteers
  • Animating
  • Set making
  • Cooking and tasting
  • Making books with illustrations

Animation with Laura and Lizzie – a celebration! 

Lizzie Simpson (Winnie’s mum) and Laura Blackwell from the preschool committee have once again volunteered to make an animation with the children.  The finished product will be show cased at the Hyde Park Picture House at some point during June / July. We cant wait! Last year they created the story of the hungry caterpillar which was a resounding success. We think It will be a fantastic way to celebrate the end of the year and Pre school’s 35th anniversary!!! Yes we opened in 1981!

Lizzie and Laura will be including all the children in the process. However, those children who are leaving to begin full time education in September 2016 will have the opportunity to do some more ‘grown up’ workshops , puppet making and set design. Watch this space.

Nature and the great outdoors 

How could we not embrace the seasons and get busy outside! We are hoping for fair weather and a good growing season this year. Sue Mcleod is our ‘in house expert’ so If you have any spare plants or seeds please pass them on to her and she will work her green fingered magic  .

We will be

  • Potting and caring for plants
  • Composting
  • Visiting the nature garden in the school grounds
  • Bird watching and feeding the birds
  • Using magnifying glasses to observe creatures
  • Life cycles
  • Measuring rain
  • Making rainbows!
  • Being physical and strong
  • Looking at growth

It’s going to be fun!


EYFS manager

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